Ann Arbor Michigan Attractions That You Might Want To Enjoy

One of the nicknames for Ann Arbor is A Squared, which is really cool. Another one of the city’s nicknames is Tree Town. It ranks #6 on the list of Michigan’s largest cities, and it is in Washtenaw County. There are 65 listed attractions and things to do in Ann Arbor MI, and here are five of them.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place to visit, and its address is 1800 North Dixboro Road. The gardens are a total of 300 acres, and there are even nature trails to explore. You will also find outdoor displays, and people say it is fun for all ages. You’re going to find three biomes according to the reviews, and there is a conservatory. Matthaei Botanical Gardens is a peaceful place, and maybe you might want to have a family picnic there, too.

Main Street in Ann Arbor is another great place to check out. There are great shops and places to eat along Main Street. Ann Arbor is a college town, so you’re going to get a mix of old school with a little flare. As you can imagine, there are some nightlife hotspots there, too. There are special events held in that area of the city, too, like car shows. read more